25+ yrs of success in developing US Retail, Online and B2B markets for consumer goods

US Market Consumer Goods Experts

Product Development, Branding, Major Retail Placement, and Sales.

About Us

We will help you sell!

Overseas manufacturers representative highly succesful

We have 25+ years of experience in developing US market for consumer goods. We have a wide network of active buyer relationships in the US Retail, E-commerce and B2B channels.  If you have a strong and competitive product line, we will ensure quick market access, retail placements, and profitable growth.

We will help you develop!

Our services are comprehensive and continuous. Our consultancy includes product development, packaging, compliance and price positioning to make your product ready for market.  We optimize your products' market potential by analyzing all opportunities and finding the right avenues to launch your product. 

We will partner with you!

We give the quality time and dynamic support that your product deserves. Whether you are just starting out, or in need to redevelop your brand in US market, we will work with you to create your sales strategy, and we will open doors for your target market channels. We stay engaged and vigilant to protect your profitability.


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